How to register for the 2022 EtiquetteNews Awards?

Graphic design students who wish to compete in the EtiquetaNews Awards must follow the procedure indicated below, which has only 2 steps: 


Follow the (7) indications that we give you below to make the payment by card (debit or credit) of the same, adding the corresponding inscription to the shopping cart.

We remind you that there are two types of fees, depending on whether your educational institution has signed the agreement with the TarjetaNews Awards or if you have chosen to present yourself freely.

In the event that your training center or educational institution has signed the collaboration agreement with the LabelNews Awards, where it says, Coupon Code, you have to put the code that they have provided you. Specifically, this code will be provided by the professor of the subject or the person in charge of the corresponding department. Participants who appear on their own do not have to indicate anything.

These are the steps you have to perform:

Press the LINK PAYMENT RATES on this page you are on. It will take you to a page titled: “Buy EtiquetaNews Awards Registration”.
Add to cart the purchase of the inscription.
Apply the coupon if your training center has it. Refrain from those who present themselves on their own, who will not have to write anything in this field. Click on “Finish purchase”.
Fill in the billing details and click on “Place order”.
On the “Finish purchase” screen, press the option: “Pay with card”.
Indicate the details of your credit or debit card. Once entered, click CONTINUE and you will access the page under the title, “EtiquetaNews Awards Registrations”, with the official form to send your label that, once completed, will allow you an email confirming the registration has been made.
On the other hand, you will receive an email that will tell you: “Thank you for your purchase”.
For any incident in the payment, send an email to: In less than 24 hours you will receive a response from the organization.

We advise not to wait to register until the last day.



Only in the event that indication No. 6 of the previous step has not taken you to the page under the title, “EtiquetteNews Awards Registrations”, with the official form to be able to send your label, you will have to click on this LINK SHIPPING OF LABELS that you will lead to it.

We remind you that you will not be able to fill out the Official Contest Form without having previously paid the fees.

We also remind you that student registrations can be made from February 1 to March 1, 2022 (inclusive).