label converters 

Grupo Argraf is a company founded in 1939 by Lucio Torroba. It is the leading label manufacturer in Spain in wine labeling. The management of the company is in the hands of the 3rd generation. They have extensive experience in labeling wines with brands such as: Montecillo, 24 Mozas, Monte Real, Macán, Caves Maître, Valenciso, Viña Cecilia, Legón, Navesur, Medusa, Pedro da Agua, Zinio, Glorioso, Sentidiño ...

Grupo Biolid was born from the merger of the companies Labin and Anmavi, located in Vizcaya and Valladolid, respectively. It is a company with a family tradition in the world of graphic arts, which has a notable international presence in the markets of Germany, France, Hungary, Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia and Turkey. Grupo Biolid has extensive experience in wine labeling.

Eadec is a company founded in 1994 by Ildefonso Ibero, president. It is an important manufacturer of labels in Navarra with a clear vocation for international expansion. In 2004 it opened a factory in Chile and recently it has also done so in Peru. You are making the first generational transition.

Germark is a company founded in 1958 by Germán Cid Subirats. It is an important manufacturer of labels in Catalonia with numerous awards in labeling. They have extensive experience in wine labeling, with brands such as: Olvena, Sant Aniol, Tannic, Tío Goyo, Freixeneda, La Lune ...

label printing machinery manufacturers 

Heidelberg Spain is one of the world's leading manufacturers of digital labeling machinery. Its brand in this industry is Gallus and its flagship product is the Gallus Labelfire 340, capable of printing at 50 meters per minute with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Heidelberg / Gallus is the ideal solution for wine labeling that requires great customization and excellent response in short and medium runs. 


EtiquetaNews is the leading media for the label industry in Spain and the main promoter of the EtiqueNews Awards. An independent group that develops transversal content on everything that happens in the label business at an industrial level, with a reputation in Europe, which has been supporting the work of graphic designers specialized in this important area of packaging for several years.