<< The EtiquetaNews Awards have been an important boost in my life and it has helped me to have more confidence in myself. I love studying graphic design and I think it has been a great opportunity to make myself known professionally >>.

Daniel Álvarez, Winner of the 3rd Edition of the 2020 EtiquetaNews Awards. Student from Esapa, Escuela Superior de Arte de Asturias.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards 2020 has been a discovery and a wonderful experience for me. Without a doubt, I invite all young designers to participate, since it is a great opportunity to promote and grow as a future professional in graphic design >>.

Alba Aranda, 2nd Place in the 3rd Edition of the EtiqueNews Awards 2020 Contest. Student at the Toledo High School of Art.

<< Participating in the 2019 EtiquetaNews Awards Contest has been a very good experience. It involves a lot of publicity, recognition of my work and an excellent cover letter for future jobs.

I recommend graphic design students not to think about it and introduce themselves to it. To participate they do not ask you for experience, only work, take great care of your design, but above all, enjoy. I never thought I would win and in the end I did, so anyone can do it >>.

Luis Fernández, Winner of the 2nd EtiquetaNews Awards 2019 Contest. Student from Esapa, Escuela Superior de Arte de Asturias.

<< As Ralph Caplan said: “Thinking about design is difficult, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.” For this reason, young people who are passionate about design must not stop working on it, fight every day, feed our creativity and improve ourselves little by little. Thanks to EtiqueNews for the opportunity and above all, for the motivational boost it has given me >>.

Maider Herrán, Finalist of the 3rd. EtiquetaNews  Awards 2020 Contest and winner of the 2021 Edition poster. Mass Media student.

<< Participating in the EtiquetaNews Awards is a great opportunity for our work to be recognized. It has been a huge motivation to keep working and achieve my goals as a designer >>.

Mario Villanueva, 5th classified in the 2nd EtiquetaNews Awards 2019 Contest and winner of the 2020 Edition poster. Esat student.

<< To be honest, I had the illusion of being in the top 10, but I couldn’t imagine winning it, seeing the quality of my colleagues’ work and thinking that I was competing with 159 designs. This 1st. The award will change everything in my life, starting with my studies, because thanks to him I now believe and trust my work more since I have always been very critical of myself >>.

Andrea Cabrero, Winner of the 1st. EtiquetaNews Awards 2018 Contest. Student of Esi Valladolid.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards gives graphic design students the opportunity to participate in a contest that promotes creativity, work and, above all, design. This is something that benefits us in all aspects, since apart from learning new ways of working, meeting other designers and their different styles, talking with specialists in the sector … it gives you the possibility that your work is visualized and known to other people. That is why it is necessary for this type of initiative to exist, in order to give students a better quality of training >>.

Dani Güemes, 4th classified in the 2nd EtiquetaNews Awards 2019 Contest. Student of the Escola Antoni Algueró.

<< Design surrounds us, we live and relate to it without realizing it every day. It’s great that there are contests of this nature, where the hard work that graphic designers do is recognized. We as future professionals have the “power” and responsibility to bring good overall graphics and better wine label designs to the market. You never know the impact of this work until you go to the supermarket and realize that you buy through your eyes. I invite all graphic design students to participate in this contest. It is wonderful because in it you can discover yourself >>.

Raquel Blanco, 6th classified in the 2nd EtiquetaNews Awards 2019 Contest. Student from Esapa, Escuela Superior de Arte de Asturias.

<< I consider that a contest of this type is necessary, since in a few years it will be us, the current design students, who will be in charge of making the label designs, allowing us to gain a foothold in the market. R‌ would recommend participating to all graphic design students, as it is an incredible opportunity, which can open doors for you in the world of work >>.

Adrián Carrera, 2nd classified in the 2018 EtiquetaNews Awards Contest. Student of Esi Valladolid.

<< I think it is a fantastic proposal for graphic design students that we are just starting out, and that we still do not have the recognition from the sector. But it is also an opportunity to visually and conceptually renew what has been done for years in the wine industry in this country. I think it is time to delegate to young talents and trust creatives with a fresher and more current approach, essential to achieve a change of course, in which to accommodate graphic solutions that break with the established.

I would invite all graphic design students who have the opportunity to participate in the contest. Regardless of your experience and skills, any opportunity to grow is always welcome, but if it also appears in a national context, there is no doubt possible. On the other hand, the treatment and visibility that we are given as professionals is irrefutable. Very happy with the experience and next year I will go for the gold, it is said >>.

David Álvarez, 3rd. classified in the 1st. EtiquetaNews Awards 2018 Contest. Student of Esi Valladolid.

<< Participating in the EtiquetaNews Awards 2020 Contest has been an experience and an opportunity to show myself the value of my work, as well as being a window into the professional world. I invite graphic design students to participate in the contest. It can always be a good opportunity to carry out a quality project in which to show what you know how to do, and more so, if it can be seen all over the country. The essential thing is to enjoy the process and make the best possible design >>.

Lía Marcos Rojo, 3rd classified in the 2020 EtiquetaNews Awards Contest. Student from Esapa, Escuela Superior de Arte de Asturias.


<< The EtiquetaNews Awards Contest seems to me to be a fantastic experience, working on the design of wine labels with a given briefing and with the dossier of papers, inks and finishes is a luxury. My students start from a deep investigation of the world of labeling and wine in particular. In order to work on the search for naming through the creation of a fictitious story for the brand, without losing sight of the conditions focused on the graphic. At ESAPA it is a good starting point within the packaging course, which excites and encourages them.

Communication with the EtiquetaNews Awards team is very fluid and close, very attentive to answering any questions. Last year the awards ceremony was held at our school and it was an exciting experience. We met students and teachers from other schools and it was enriching. I encourage you to participate! >>.

Blanca Prendes, Award for the Best Teacher of  Label Design of EtiquetaNews Awards 2020. Professor at Esapa, Escuela Superior de Arte de Asturias.

<< EtiquetaNews Awards finally opens a new path in one of the creative spaces in the sector: the design of wine labels. The boom in this sector, as well as the constant aesthetic changes it is experiencing, is nothing new. However, until now no one had put a spotlight on him. The commitment to new proposals, innovative and creative ideas in label design was missing.

The treatment with the team of the EtiqueNews Awards has been impeccable and they have been attentive in each phase of the project: from the “start” to its end, offering their total disposition for any questions, in a professional and friendly way.

As a designer and professional in the sector, I am delighted to collaborate with teams that are so proactive, close and attentive to detail. It has been a pleasure working together, and it would be an honor to be able to repeat this experience in future editions of the project >>.

Cristian Arenas, Award for the Best Teacher of Label Design of the EtiquetaNews Awards 2018. Professor of EAA Escola Algueró projects.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards have been an incredible experience, both for the teacher and for the students. We have worked and analyzed the facilitated briefing, elaborated concepts, created printing sheets, and faced a real client, the jury.

I appreciate the opportunity they have given us and I encourage all those who want to acquire a totally real and professional experience to participate in the EtiquetaNews Awards.

In packaging, design is responsible for 80% of the first purchase impulse. That is why more and more companies are betting on specialized studies in this specialty. In my studio, for example, we have experienced this growth in wineries that already commission not only dressing the bottle but also communication, even the construction of the winery itself. 360º Projects >>.

Samuel Magaña, ESI Valladolid teacher.


<< The Contest, EtiquetaNews Awards, is a great initiative that brings the world of education closer to the reality of the company and allows graphic design students to face a real situation that, as future designers, they will have to face when working with a winery. Actions that help our students to acquire real practical training and to become better professionals are welcome >>.

Miguel Sanz, general director of the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council.

<< I think it is important to start promoting sensitivity to labels in schools, especially in the wine sector. Wineries are increasingly giving more importance to this aspect and to packaging in general, because it is the way they have to make their consumers fall in love. We need future graphic designers that allow us to be up to the task of the wine business >>.

Ricardo Aguiriano, Marketing Director of the Rioja Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council.


<< The EtiquetaNews Awards seem like a brilliant initiative to me because in the world of wine the quality of the product is as important as the design of the label. I give the idea a 10, outstanding. It will also help to improve all the technical deficiencies that we have detected on the part of the students. I think it will add a lot in a short time >>.

Richard Sanz, CEO of Bodegas Menade.

<< The wine sector is more competitive and global than ever, wineries around the world must strive not only to produce the best possible wines but also to have the opportunity to be tasted by consumers. To achieve this objective, it is essential to be able to differentiate yourself and that function begins with the design of the label. This contest stimulates the creativity and talent of students from design schools throughout Spain for a booming sector that combines tradition and modernity, passion and dynamism. The EtiquetaNews Awards have succeeded in fostering ingenuity at the service of functionality >>.

Roberto Sanz, director of communication and strategy at Bodegas Matarromera.


<< I think that for graphic design students, the EtiquetaNews Awards represent a direct contact with reality and the professional world they want to approach. These types of dynamics help students to evolve more quickly, to mature. As a member of the jury, it is a pleasure to discover new ways of looking at projects. It is wonderful to see how the lack of experience in most cases turns into freedom, freshness and ambition >>.

Miguel Ángel del Baño, creative director and founder of Estudio Maba.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards seem like a great initiative to me. On the one hand, it invites students to deepen their knowledge of design from a new point of view, experimenting with all the technical issues surrounding product labeling. On the other, the contest works as an engine of motivation, essential for continuous learning and discovery; which also contributes to the development of creativity >>.

José Vila, creative director and founder of Enpedra Wine Design Studio.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards I see it as something totally necessary. I don’t understand how it hasn’t been done before! The power of the union between schools, students, creators and professionals and providers is something that I would have liked to have in the times when we were students. Congratulations for this initiative that will make our country an even greater benchmark in future design challenges !!! >>.

Hugo Zapata, creative director of Estudio Hugo Zapata.

<< As part of the jury of the EtiquetaNews Awards 2019 and 2021, I would like to highlight the high quality of the projects presented. The contest is an initiative that fulfills a function of the utmost importance: educating students from the best universities in Spain about the world of wine labeling in our country. A sector with a high and growing demand, which will surely need these future professionals in the very near future >>.

Irene Gavalda, director and designer of Estudio Made by Us.

<< It has been a wonderful experience to be a member of the international jury of the EtiquetaNews Awards. This contest is an opportunity for graphic design students to show their knowledge and showcase their talents. The freshness of the labels, the creativity in its purest form of these young Spanish graphic designers … may set trends in the future.

Cristina Ciamporcero, director and designer of Estudio WineStylist (Italy).

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards seem like a good initiative to me because, at the level of contests, design has always been more focused on advertising issues. There has never been anything specific to labels and the existing awards are local in scope. I believe that the Contest is also an impulse for schools to open their eyes a little and dedicate more time to training in the technical aspects surrounding the printing of labels (materials, finishes, machines …), so important in the result final. It is not enough just to work the design well >>.

Carlos Mena, label designer.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards can be summed up with one word: Wonderful! It allows us to see what the level of graphic design students is, but also to rectify and improve their training. But on the other hand, it is an excellent way to get to know those new design values that all companies need >>.

Guillermo Afonso, creative director of Avanza Packaging.


<< We praise the initiative of EtiquetaNews to launch the EtiquetaNews Awards and we toast the success for this edition and for the future. We believe that companies need specialized collaborators. Bacigalupe Hermanos feels very comfortable working with designers who speak the same language of the wine label and this initiative can and should contribute to this >>.

Antonio Sancha, general director of Bacigalupe Hermanos.

<< It would be appropriate to take advantage of this initiative of the EtiquetaNews Awards to give a boost to our relationship with the training centers that are the source in which our companies must find their future professionals. Only with the best training of our professional teams will we achieve the necessary competitiveness in our companies to keep them in the increasingly competitive markets. Congratulations on the initiative !!!! >>.

Ildefonso Ibero, president of Eadec.

<< I very much applauded this initiative of EtiquetaNews because it seems essential to me to have a generation of expert label designers who know what they are talking about. We need labels that connect with the new generations. I hope this contest lasts for many years !!! >>.

Guillermo Buces, CEO of Grupo Biolid.

<< The EtiquetaNews Awards are a magnificent initiative, which supports young graphic designers who are going to start a professional path. We are very interested in meeting these new talents and what they can contribute >>.

Juan Macho Rodríguez, Marketing Director of Grupo Macho.

<< It is well known that the last seller of a product is its packaging. And in the wine sector, this is specified in the label. Its design is key to getting the consumer to choose our bottle on the shelf.

The label industry needs a new generation of graphic designers with a high level of specialization to meet the new demands of manufacturers and their brands. The EtiquetaNews Awards are an excellent initiative that will help to find and empower this creative talent. At Germark we have been manufacturing labels for 60 years and seeing how design and innovation have a great impact on the sale of products. We like to be promoters of such an initiative, which so clearly promotes talent and the company! >>.

Iban Cid, president of the Guild of Industry and Communication of Catalonia and president of Germark.

<< The creation of the EtiquetaNews Awards seems to me a very good idea. The world of the label is acquiring great relevance when it comes to presenting products to customers, so it is important that new designers get to know this world, see the potential it offers them so that they are passionate like us and that they take the interest of wanting to develop new ideas on the labels. We need to make our sector evolve in this sense and to put the creations and manufactures that are made in Spain on the world front line >>.

Olga Larroy, attached to the management of Gráficas Z.

<< Grupo Argraf will always be in the world of wine labeling, it is our passion, our reason for being, our present and future success. That is why it seems fundamental to us that there are designers oriented to label design and that, in addition to contributing their creativity, they know how to play with the large number of supports and processes that the industry puts at their service, as well as that they know the productive challenges that their designs >>.

Alberto Torroba, CEO of Grupo Argraf.


<< It has been fascinating to participate as a jury in a contest in which we value the future of our market. The level of the works presented has forced us to evaluate with professional parameters works carried out by students. The level of demand they have set themselves, with the quality of their labels, the novelty of their proposals and the rigor of their technique. Thanks to the EtiquetaNews Awards for having given me the opportunity to be part of this important event >>.

Àngel Pérez Vico, Marketing Director of Heidelberg Spain.

<< From the moment that EtiquetaNews presented us the project of the EtiquetaNews Awards, it seemed like a great idea. Hp is the leading digital printing technology manufacturer in Spain and our machines have special features for wine labeling. In addition, from the marketing department we are aware of the important role that graphic designers play in this sector, and it seems to us a success that the creation of new promotions specialized in the label is promoted, by the hand of the main training centers in the country, and that the wide possibilities of our technology are known >>.

Eva Alcácer, HP Indigo sales director for Spain and Portugal.


<< We value the EtiquetaNews Awards very positively, since we see it as a clear impulse for future graphic designers to see the adhesive label as a differentiating element. All this in sectors such as wine, beer, cava … that seek to transmit visual, tactile and sensorial effects.

We believe that this initiative will facilitate the use of products that are currently in minority use or that are not even contemplated in the near future. For UPM Raflatac it is an honor to be able to participate in this edition >>.

Xavier Masdevall, Country Manager and Sales Director of UPM Raflatac.