Contestant tips 

These are some of the tips that we want to give to all the participants in the EtiquetaNews Awards:

  • Follow in detail all the indications of the Contest Rules. There are times when a small detail destroys a good label.
  • Don’t try to take advantage of another label that you have been able to do in class or for someone you know. The jury of experts easily detects when a label was not created with that objective. This philosophy damages your image and that of your educational institution. Take advantage of the great opportunity to do something unique, respecting the briefing.
  • Take heed of the advice and guidance of the teacher/instructor.
  • Take a walk around a supermarket and look at product labels that you have to design. Analyze them, identify their differences … Rate the ones you like the most and why. Study the world around that product and how important a good label is to its business life.
  • Don’t start designing without having a clear concept of what you want to convey. A design that lacks a clear concept ends up not being understood.
  • Your label has to tell a story; it is not just that it is well designed. That story has to be original and make the label “have a soul”.
  • Design a different label that provides added value and has personality. Don’t copy, innovate.
  • The simpler a label is, the more elegant it is and the more it appeals to the consumer.
  • Study and provide a rationale as to why you choose a certain paper or a certain finish.
  • Seek advice from professional designers and, if you can, talk to a label manufacturer for advice on what finishes to put on the label.
  • Indicate the printing system with which you would print the label. Each design of a label has a printing system that is more favorable depending on its graphic proposal, finishes … print run. The judges will asses that you know how to argue this technical aspect well.
  • Enjoy designing the label because it will allow you to live the experience of participating in this Contest with greater intensity.
  • Follow our Master Classes, EtiquetaNews Visions, in which we will explain how to be a good label designer. Subscribe to our Youtube channel.